'The Conjuring 2' Director Talks Horror Sequels at Film's Premiere

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James Wan, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson

"Horror happens anywhere around the world, with any religion, with anybody," co-writer Carey Hayes tells THR.

The cast of James Wan's latest horror film, The Conjuring 2 — Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Francis O'Connor, Madison Wolfe and Lauren Esposito — took to the red carpet Tuesday evening at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

A follow-up to The Conjuring, the film focuses on a couple (Ed and Lorraine) in the 1970s as they learn of supernatural occurrences in Enfield, England. After Lorraine's encounter with the supernatural six years prior, they are hesitant to get involved. Despite their uncertainty, they set out for London and discover just how similar their story is to Enfield.

Director Wan tells The Hollywood Reporter why telling Ed and Lorraine Warren's story was no easy task the second time around. "The first movie was easy. There was no one breathing down my neck and looking over my shoulder," Wan said. "Coming to this, it was very difficult just from an emotional standpoint to try and make a movie that honors what the people love about the first one so much."

Co-writer Chad Hayes added: "We just wanted to do the 'James Cameron Rule,' where the sequel should be better than the original. When we had the success that we did, we had to make the second one better than the first one."

The Conjuring 2, like the first film, is based on actual case files and true-life testaments from people who experienced two similar situations on different sides of the world.

Co-writer Carey Hayes tells THR: "You don't have to make anything up. Horror happens anywhere around the world, with any religion, with anybody, and the opportunity to go into explore what happened in England, it's just the beginning, because every country has their own crazy story."

Harping on the film's theme, Frances O'Connor added, "I got totally freaked out prepping for it. I actually brought crystals to wear on set, and then I got to set and it was fine. Just come and see it. You'll have a great scare."

The Conjuring 2 hits theaters June 10.