It's Official: 'Conjuring' Spinoff Will Be Called 'Annabelle'

"The Conjuring"

The New Line horror film opens in theaters this fall.

The spinoff to The Conjuring has gotten an official title: Annabelle, the name of the demonic doll that played a supporting role in New Line's 2013 horror blockbuster.

Annabelle opens in theaters Oct. 3. Peter Safran and Conjuring director James Wan are producing the spinoff, which Conjuring cinematographer John Leonetti is directing. The microbudgeted movie was filmed earlier this year in Los Angeles.

The Conjuring, which earned $318 million worldwide, was inspired by real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. In the movie, the doll was among numerous items kept locked in their basement.

Annabelle features an entirely different cast, led by Annabelle Wallis (a coincidence), Ward Horton, Eric Ladin, Alfre Woodard and Brian Howe. Gary Dauberman wrote the script.