Connie Britton career highlights


Wide Receiver: Britton makes her television debut in 1995 on ABC's "Ellen" as Paige's (Joely Fisher) estranged sister Heather, who is intent on blocking (and sabotaging!) her sister's wedding day.

Offensive Guard: Appearing as level-headed assistant and gatekeeper Nikki Faber on ABC's "Spin City" from 1996-2000, Britton's character finds herself oftentimes fielding advances from Michael J. Fox's deputy mayor.

Special Teams: Britton comes off the bench as no-nonsense political adviser Connie Tate joining the Bartlet-Hoynes re-election campaign during a 2001 stint on NBC's "The West Wing."
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Tight End: During a 2005 guest spot on Fox's "24," Britton's Diane Huxley cozies up to her mysterious new neighbor, special agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), hoping to find protection for her son and a suitable teammate for herself.

Quarterback: Juggling her role as loving wife to Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) and whistle-blowing high school principal Tami Taylor on NBC's "Friday Night Lights," Britton tosses the perfect pass for a television touchdown.