'Friday Night Lights' Star Connie Britton 'Honored' by Amy Schumer's Parody

Comedy Central/Late Night with Seth Meyers

Britton applauds Schumer for bringing on the wine.

Actress Connie Britton had a good laugh on the set of Late Night With Seth Meyers Wednesday when chatting about Amy Schumer's parody of her Friday Night Lights character. 

"I was so overwhelmed with tearful joy. No, I loved it so much," Britton said. "I thought the whole sketch was just amazing."

In her sketch "Football Town Nights," Schumer plays Britton's character Tammy Taylor, but adds a little extra kick. 

In each scene, Schumer's hand is glued to a glass of white wine. But it doesn't stop there. The wine glass increases in size throughout the sketch until, eventually, Schumer is leaning against a 3-foot-tall glass in the football locker room. 

Britton did not take offense. 

"I personally loved her rendition of Tammy Taylor. I was very flattered and honored,' Britton said. "It was my idea. So, I felt really seen by Amy."

Britton also chatted with Meyers about her several road trips from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas, with co-star Kyle Chandler over the course of the seasons. Their travels together apparently raised a few eyebrows. 

"We found out later that [everybody] could have cared less about our experience and was literally just terrified that we had an affair," Britton said. "And I was like, Who do you think we are? We are grown-ups.'" 

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