Conservatives React Quietly to Keith Olbermann Departure

Forgive the political right while it gloats over Keith Olbermann's reign coming to a close at MSNBC. After all, with a few exceptions, they're being rather civil about Friday's surprising news.

At Glenn Beck's, for example, there's a straight story and video about Olbermann's departure, with opinion left to those who take the time to post comments, and they were into the hundreds within a few hours.

"See.... There is a God," one responder wrote. "Now that's the kind of Hope and Change I like," wrote another.

Ditto over at, run by conservative rabble-rouser Andrew Breitbart. There was a just-the-facts story with a link to the New York Times, and lots of readers weighing in, some of them rather clever in their disparagement of Olbermann.

"Keith will land on his feet. Maybe Al-Jazeera is hiring," said one. "Is KO gonna be the new White House Press Secretary?" said another.

Breitbart himself didn't weigh in via the Internet beyond a few mild tweets, though he told The Hollywood Reporter that he has "long been an open supporter of Keith Olbermann." MSNBC and its Countdown host, in fact, was one catalyst for creating BigJournalism, which operates under the assumption that the news media is biased and untrustworthy.

"His neurotic and self-righteous rage, and the MSNBC cult audience that enabled it, provided as much motivation for a counter-progressive revolution as did the positive contributions of the Tea Party, which he so detested," Breitbart said.

And at, which bills itself "the #1 Keith Olbermann blog in the world," and where it's difficult to determine whether the site is run by liberals or conservatives, it's clear they're no fans of Olby, as they like to call him.

"For this relief, much thanks! Comcast dumps Keith Olbermann!" reads the headline, which is simply followed by a flashback quote from Olbermann:

"Those of you who've posted about Comcast meaning the end of my show or Rachel's can, I think, relieve yourselves of such concerns....Whatever else you think of these guys, they are not in the habit of saying "a billion in profit over the next five years? Who needs it! Cancel the shows that generate it! (Oh, and let's keep paying both of their salaries, too)."

Right-leaning talk radio was also quick to weigh in. On KFI in Los Angeles, Tim Conway Jr. predicted that Olbermann would eventually wind up at CNN in place of Piers Morgan Tonight, or as he called it: "That God-awful experiment over there."

At the Drudge Report, which linked to two separate stories, comments ran about two-to-one against Olbermann -- or should we say in favor of his departure from the airwaves.

"Keith... Rush is looking for a gardener....shall I put in a good word for you?" one commenter wrote.

And then there was the inevitable: "Keith is the WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD."