Constance Wu Criticizes Casey Affleck's Oscar Nomination

Constance Wu Casey Affleck - Getty - H 2017

Constance Wu Casey Affleck - Getty - H 2017

"Art isn't about humanity, right?" Wu sarcastically tweeted.

In a series of tweets today, Fresh Off the Boat actress Constance Wu objected to the fact that Manchester by the Sea's Casey Affleck scored an Oscar nomination.

Wu wrote that by nominating Affleck, Hollywood is reinforcing the "the industry’s gross and often hidden mistreatment of women.

In 2010, two women who worked on the mock documentary I'm Still Here, which Affleck directed, filed civil suits against Affleck accusing him of sexual harassment. Affleck's attorney at the time countered that the suits amounted to extortion, and Affleck denied the allegations. The suits were subsequently dismissed after all parties agreed on a settlement for an undisclosed sum.

But the subject of the lawsuits has resurfaced in the media in recent months as Affleck's received various accolades for his performance in the Kenneth Lonergan film, particularly since onetime Oscar hopeful Nate Parker saw his film, The Birth of a Nation, overshadowed by reports of his 1999 rape trial — he was acquitted — that resurfaced in the weeks leading up to its release. Birth didn't receive any nominations on Tuesday morning and has mostly been ignored by awards groups.

"Men who sexually harass women 4 OSCAR! Bc good acting performance matters more than humanity,human integrity!Bc poor kid rly needs the help!," Wu tweeted. "Boys! BUY ur way out of trouble by settling out of court!Just do a good acting job,thats all that matters!bc Art isn't about humanity,right?"

The actress, whose show airs on ABC, the same network that airs the Oscars, added: "He’s running for an award that honors a craft whose purpose is examining the dignity of the human experience & young women are deeply human."

Wu said that she was counseled not to speak about Affleck for her career's sake, but that she's a "woman and human first."

Read her thoughts below: