Constance Zimmer Celebrates Pat Benatar With Red Carpet-Ready Concert Tee

Constance Zimmer_Getty -embed 2016

UnReal actress Constance Zimmer Hidden Figures screenwriter Allison Schroeder at The Hollywood Reporter's Annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast in Hollywood.

From one powerful lady to another.

At The Hollywood Reporter's Annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast on Wednesday morning, guests including Susan Sarandon, Emma Stone, Geena Davis and Sherry Lansing Leadership Award recipient Tina Fey gathered to celebrate breaking barriers in the industry.

But while she gushed about her peers, Constance Zimmer chose to represent another powerful woman on her red carpet-ready t-shirt: Pat Benatar.

"I’m a huge Pat Benatar fan," said the actress, who paired the vintage concert tee with a striped sequin pencil skirt by Milly. "Women like Pat Benatar were representing strong, incredibly outspoken women years and years ago when I was growing up, so watching her and knowing that she’s still around and still killing it is amazing. I’m all about remembering that there were strong women before, but there’s so many more now and it’s very exciting.”

It wasn't just the t-shirt, however, with which Zimmer paid homage to strong women. Each piece of her outfit was by a female designer, from her Sarah Flint pumps to her Edie Parker Clutch. "All fashion credits are women!" declared Zimmer on her Instagram.

The actress, who plays the fiery, sharp-tongued Quinn King on Lifetime's Unreal, added that unlike her onscreen persona's wardrobe of pencil skirts and power pumps, she prefers to have more fun with fashion. "Quinn is nothing like what I would ever wear in my daily life, but the second when I put her costume on I’m like, 'Okay, let’s go! Let's get to work!”