Constantin and Ascot to Release DreamWorks Films in Switzerland

Benedict Cumberbatch Julian Assange - H 2013
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Benedict Cumberbatch Julian Assange - H 2013

Constantin has a four-year deal with DreamWorks for all German-speaking rights to its titles.

COLOGNE, Germany - German mini-studio Constantin Film and Swiss distributor Ascot Elite have inked a partnership that will see them jointly release future titles from DreamWorks in Switzerland.

Ascot is the leading independent distributor in Switzerland.

Constantin last year signed a four-year output deal with DreamWorks for German-speaking rights to films from the Hollywood studio, which is 50 percent controlled by the Indian Reliance group. Constantin will continue to handle all DreamWorks titles in Germany and Austria. 

Inside Wikileaks, the biopic featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as WIkileaks founder Julian Assange and Vince Vaughn-starrer The Delivery Man, the U.S. remake of the hit French Canadian sperm donor comedy Starbuck will be among the first DreamWorks-produced titles released under the new deal.