Constantin Books Encore Performance With German Comedy Star Mario Barth

New German comedy "Couples Therapist" follow up to Barth's 2009 hit debut "Man's Business."

COLOGNE, Germany - German mini-major Constantin Film has booked an encore performance with local comedy phenomenon Mario Barth, signing on to produce the follow-up to his 2009 feature film hit Mannersache (Man's Business), called Der Paartherapeut (Couple's Therapist). Mannersache was a box-office success in Germany, earning nearly $18 million at the till for Constantin in 2009.
For his new film, which is set to being shooting next summer, Barth is sticking to his battle of the sexes comedy formula. He stars as the titular couple's therapist giving very un-PC relationship advice. Dieter Tappert, Barth's co-star in Mannersache is also on board for the new film. Constantin is planing to bow Der Paartherapeut early 2013.