Constantin Film to Adapt Timur Vermes' Hitler Comedy 'Look Who's Back'

The comedic novel posits the return of Adolf Hitler to modern-day Germany, where he becomes a television celebrity.

Constantin Film has picked up the rights to adapt Timur Vermes' bestselling comic novel Look Who's Back, the story of Adolf Hitler's return to modern-day Germany, as a feature film.

The novel, which has sold some 1.3 million copies in Germany alone, has the Fuhrer returning to find a Fatherland – democratic, multi-cultural and media-saturated - he no longer recognizes. He tries to revive his political career but is instead taken for a cutting edge satirist who refuses to break character and becomes a TV star.

Vermes will adapt his own novel for the screen. Christoph Muller and Lars Dittrich will produce the feature with Constantin's Martin Moszkowicz and Oliver Berben as executive producers.

Constantin plans to release Look Who's Back theatrically in Germany in 2015.

Munich-based producer/distributor Constantin has had problems of late with some of its higher-profile acquisitions – both Wikileaks film The Fifth Estate and Gavin Hood's sci-fi feature Ender's Game flopped here – but in-house produced German comedies continue to deliver.

Constantin's latest, the political incorrect school laffer Fack Ju Gohte from director Bora Dagtekin, has earned around $33 million in local release so far, making it the number three film in Germany this year, behind only Django Unchained and Despicable Me 2.