Constantin Film on Blu-ray track


COLOGNE, Germany -- Constantin Film AG, one of Germany's top indie film producer/distributor is following the lead of Warner Bros., New Line and HBO in going all Blu-ray.

Munich-based Constantin said Thursday that it will drop Toshiba's competing HD DVD format and distribute all future releases solely on the Sony-developed Blu-ray discs.

Constantin home entertainment head Franz Woodtli said the company was "clearly following the international trend" in picking Blu-ray in the DVD format war.

"The long-standing dispute about the successor to the DVD caused considerable uncertainty among consumers in 2007 in particular and has led to a delay in the mainstream introduction of high-def as a result," Woodtli said. "Clear positioning therefore has advantages for consumers, producers and retailers."

Starting March 1, Constantin will release its titles exclusively on Blu-ray.