Constantin Film Sets Up Indie Label

The German mini-studio is hoping to release 1-2 no-budget films a year along the lines of breakout hits “Paranormal Activity” and “The Raid.”

BERLIN – Constantin Film, the German production giant behind films such as Downfall and the Resident Evil franchise, has set up a new label focusing on low-to-no budget features.

The label, Alpenrot, will back features budgeted at under $1.25 million (€1 million). Alpenrot will only accept projects submitted by the production companies that intend to carry them out. The Constantin subsidiary will help with the financing and production of the low-budget features and will take over distribution duties for projects it picks.

Alpenrot plans a theatrical release of between 1-2 features a year.

Constantin’s Friedrich Oetker and Constanze Guttman will run the new label while Christine Rothe will work directly with third-party producers on day-to-day operations. For information on submitting projects, go to: