Constantin Medien cleans house

German rights group kicks out sports bosses

BERLIN -- Responding to a double-digit drop in profits at its sports division, German rights group Constantin Medien has kicked two of its former stars off the team.

Board member Rainer Huther, the board member in charge of Constantin's sports business, and Oliver Reichert, head of the group's all-sports channel DSF, have both been sent to the bench as Constantin tries to restructure the division. Huther, however, will remain on as an advisor to the company for another 18 months.

Zeljko Karajica, co-managing director with Florian Nowosad of Constantin's sport TV production unit Plazamedia, will take over as head of DSF.

As part of the restructuring, Constantin CEO Bernhard Burgener will take over responsibility for all operations at the Munich-based group.

Constantin has announced cuts at both DSF and Plazamedia as it tries to come to terms with a sharp drop in advertising revenue.