Constantin takes on Schirach's 'Guilt'

Bestselling German crime author's latest work

BERLIN -- German mini-major Constantin Film is proving a repeat offender with bestselling crime author Ferdinand von Schirach.

Just months after acquiring the rights to von Schirach's short story collection "Verbrechen," (Crime), Constantin has locked up rights to the author's latest work, "Schuld" (Guilt).

A German defense attorney, von Schirach stormed the best-seller list with "Verbrechen," his 2009 debut. The book of stories, which von Schirach based on his real-life clients, was sold to 30 countries, making it the most successful debut novel ever for a German author.

The first feature adapted from one of von Schirach's stories will be "Gluck" (Luck), from the "Verbrechen" collection, which veteran filmmaker Doris Dorrie has signed on to direct.