Constantin takes TV comedy to the movies

TV-to-cinema crossover with 'German Borat'

COLOGNE, Germany -- Constantin Film is continuing its formula of making cinematic adaptations of hit TV comedians with a new film featuring Horst Schlammer, the popular character created by veteran TV funny guy Hape Kerkeling.

The new film, "Isch kandidiere!" (I'm running!) features Schlammer -- sort of a kinder, gentler and German version of Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat -- running for the post of German Chancellor. Constantin, together with co-producers Telemaz and public broadcaster ZDF, plan to shoot in August, just before real national elections in September. Similar to Cohen, Kerkeling's comedy features impromptu, on-the-street interviews with real politicians, celebrities and ordinary people.

"Isch kandidiere!" is the latest project in Constantin's German slate to feature the TV-to-cinema formula. Earlier this year, Constantin scored a major hit with "Mannersache," featuring stand-up star Mario Barth and has signed TV comedian Kaya Yanar to a three-picture deal to translate his cross-culture joking for the big screen.
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