Consumers can Get it all


Get Interactive, a new ad technology company that allows consumers to buy products placed in entertainment content and creates opt-in advertising platforms for brands, has inked its first deals with Universal Music Group, Sega and Overture Films, the U.S. distributors of "Mad Money."

Get Interactive's technology allows content providers to run a graphic or text link that says "Get Stuff Now" adjacent to video content online or on mobile platforms. Clicking on the link allows consumers to pull up an ad that can direct them to purchase products seen in the video clip or, if the advertiser chooses, to interact with the brand in other ways.

"The power of this technology is that anywhere and any way the content can be viewed, we can be there," said Rick Harrison, CEO of the Winston-Salem, N.C.-based company.

Harrison said that brands could provide the chance to play brand-embedded video games, for example. Get's technology also allows advertisers to send mobile coupons to purchase their products at the store nearest the user by locating the cell towers the customer is using if they're accessing the Get platform via their mobile device.

"Money" producer Jim Acheson, who introduced Overture to Get, said he thought the platform represented not only an opportunity for more product-placement deals but also could help market the film. He said that while there are quite a number of paid placements in the movie, it had yet to be determined which would be available for purchase using Get's platform.

"It's a great concept for marketing the film, and going forward, I think it's a great concept to go out to brands for placement in the film," he said.

"Money," which stars Katie Holmes, Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton, opens in January.