Content Television to Sell Rights to 'World Heritage of China' Series

The Sino-Japanese co-production features previously unseen images of nature and archaeological sites.

BEIJING – Content Television will try to sell worldwide rights to China Central Television’s Japanese co-production World Heritage of China documentary series, the division of London and L.A.-based Content Media Corp. said on Wednesday.

China’s statecaster CCTV produced the series with China Stories Inc of Japan and China’s Government Network Television organization and Oriental Media Co. The series boasts never-before-seen images of China’s Jiuzhaigou Lake, the Dunhuang Mogao Caves, the classical gardens of Suzhou and the Potala Palace in Tibet.

The series hits the world television market at a time when China’s government is promoting the use of all media to spread a positive vision of China, past and present – and often inviting foreign co-production partners to help the cause.

Publicly-listed Content Television, formerly known as Fireworks International, will sell worldwide rights -- excluding China and Japan -- to the high definition series filmed over eight years that highlights diverse aspects of China from its ancient history through to modern day.

“We have spent a great deal of time and care creating the definitive account of the wonders of China and wanted to ensure that the global distribution of our special series was in safe hands,” Kentaro Tsujita, China Stories’ president said in a statement.

Greg Phillips, president of Content Television called the series “a truly fascinating look at China’s spectacular history, traditions, people and places that were once such a secret to the rest of the world.”