'A Contract With God' set for big screen

Four directors to helm Will Eisner's graphic novel

Will Eisner's graphic novel "A Contract With God" is being adapted into a live-action feature by writer-producer Darren Dean.

"God" recounts Eisner's memories of growing up in a New York City tenement, and four directors, who will each helm one chapter of the tale, have lined up to bring it to the screen.

Comic-Con 2010  
The quartet consists of Alex Rivera ("Sleep Dealer"), Tze Chun ("Children of Invention"), Barry Jenkins ("Medicine for Melancholy") and Sean Baker ("Prince of Broadway").

Dean -- who also co-wrote and produced "Prince of Broadway," which will be released by Elephant Eye Films in the fall -- will produce the adaptation under the auspices of the Eisner estate. Bob Schreck and Michael Ruggiero will serve as co-executive producers, with Tommy Oliver as co-producer and Mark Rabinowitz as associate producer.

The project was announced at Comic-Con at the 22nd annual Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, honoring achievement in American comic books.
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