Contributor Brings 'Hannity Happy Candy' to Fox News, Gets Insulted (Video)

Hannity Fox News - H 2013

Hannity Fox News - H 2013

"This is the problem with your show, and Americans, and people like Bill Cunningham. It's always an attack," Tamara Holder tells Sean Hannity.

A segment Thursday on the Fox News Channel had one of its own contributors insulting one of the channel's top talents, as what might have been a mundane economic discussion devolved into a shouting match.

It all started with a jar of candy.

The segment on Hannity was supposed to be about President Barack Obama's plan to raise the debt ceiling, but host Sean Hannity interrupted himself in the midst of his first question to ask liberal contributor Tamara Holder, "What do you got there?"

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"Hannity Happy Candy," she said, showing off her red candies. "You should try one. It will make you happy. Because I feel like conservatives are so angry."

Radio host Bill Cunningham, a conservative guest during the segment, spent much of the next several minutes largely validating Holder's assertion.

"This woman has lost her mind. There's no question about it. Let me help you with math," Cunningham said after noting that the national debt has doubled in five years.

"In my simple, Catholic, grade-school math, that's about a $10 trillion increase," Cunningham scolded. "Is 20 greater than 10, Tamara? Earth to Tamara: Is 20 greater than 10?"

"Are you talking to me like I'm an alien? Or because I didn't go to Catholic school? " Holder asked.

"You don't look like a Catholic girl to me," Cunningham said before calling her a "Farrah Fawcett wannabe."

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"Do you accept this?" Holder asked Hannity. "He is your typical conservative. … This is the problem with your show, and Americans, and people like Bill Cunningham. It's always an attack."

Later, when Cunningham pointed at Holder and said, "People of your ilk, basically, are going to ruin this country," Holder shouted back: "Get your finger out of my face."

"Grow up," Cunningham told her.

Naturally, by the end of the segment, the host wound up guzzling the Hannity Happy Candy.