2012-41 FOB Roundtable BTS H

Chris Terrio (left) and Mark Boal held forth during the writer roundtable, which took place oct. 2 in a suite at the w hotel in hollywood.

When gathering the architects of six of 2012's most buzzworthy films -- Zero Dark Thirty, This Is 40, Amour, Promised Land, Life of Pi and Argo -- for our annual Writer Roundtable, we wanted to add another level of depth to the feature. So we asked each of the writers -- Mark Boal, Judd Apatow, Michael Haneke, John Krasinski, David Magee and Chris Terrio -- to give us a page from their script. Three of their submissions can be seen with the text of the roundtable, including a funny This Is 40 exchange Apatow wrote for his real-life wife, Leslie Mann, and his onscreen alter ego, played by Paul Rudd. (Spoiler: She calls him a "dick.") On the left is a page from Boal's hunt-for-bin Laden thriller Zero Dark Thirty, one of the year's hotly anticipated films. "These guys spent years writing words that get turned into images," says THR news director Matthew Belloni, who conducted the conversation with features editor Stephen Galloway. "It's nice to show their work as it was written."

Carol McColgin: Beauty, to twist a phrase, is in the eye of whoever is making the list of the Top 25 Beauty Moments of 2012 -- and in this case, it's THR's style editor, who put together a rundown of the year's looks that killed, from Anne Hathaway's pixie cut to Amanda Seyfried's Veronica Lake-over. "There's no way I could have pulled it off without the help of freelance editor Jeanie Pyun and tireless beauty writer Meg Hemphill, who conducted more than 47 interviews," says McColgin. "Meg is incredibly patient -- and she never stops working!"

Gregg Kilday: In his 11 years working for THR, film editor Kilday has seen scores of Oscar and Golden Globe campaigns. "It's always gratifying when suddenly and unexpectedly a smaller movie, like Margin Call last year, emerges to inject an element of surprise into the process," he says. While the logistics of covering these awards can be crazy, there's still room for some fun: "In just three years, the Academy's Governors Awards has become the high point of the season -- Academy members are a lot more relaxed when the cameras aren't trained on them."

Brian Bowen Smith: This New York native has shot dozens of celebrities for such publications as Men's Health, Latina and, well, us. And in all that time, he's never had to tiptoe around egos. "Everyone assumes because you're shooting a celebrity that there's going to be drama or that someone's going to have an attitude," says Smith, "but knock on wood, I've never had that problem." And shooting Drew Barrymore for our Beauty package was a dream come true: "It was supposed to be a half-hour shoot, and we were here for three -- she totally rocked it."

Daniel Miller: After winning awards for investigating the secret world of Hollywood poker and Scientology's real estate empire, THR's senior writer thought he was prepared to dig into the porn industry. Not quite. "I was at the Rainbow Bar & Grill on Sunset Boulevard waiting to interview Ron Jeremy," recalls Miller. "Wes Scantlin, lead singer of rock band Puddle of Mudd, sat down next to me and ordered a shot of Southern Comfort and a beer. It was 2 p.m. Scantlin gave my dress shirt a once-over and dubbed me 'pink shirt guy.' "