Controversial French Comedian Dieudonne to Launch Political Party


His film 'The Anti-Semite' was banned from the Cannes film market in 2012

Controversial French comedian Dieudonne, who has been condemned in France for hate speech and whose shows were banned there earlier this year, and right-wing author Alain Soral have announced plans to launch their own political party.

The party, to be called National Reconciliation, will be based in a suburb of Paris. The comedian, who has been blocked from entering the U.K., and the writer will serve as co-chairs. They have also formed a fundraising association, similar to an American PAC, that will support their efforts to gain public support and run candidates in elections.

The two men have joined forces politically before when they ran on an anti-Zionist platform in the European elections in 2009. They received 1.3 percent of the votes for that campaign.

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The two aren't strangers to controversy. Soral has published several works with controversial passages.

Several planned Dieudonne standup shows were canceled across France in January after the “quenelle,” a gesture invented by Dieudonne and regarded as an upside down Nazi salute, gained popularity. He was banned from entering the U.K. earlier this year, he has been fined several times in France for hate speech and denial of the Holocaust, and his film The Anti-Semite was dropped from the Cannes film market in 2012