Controversial Lana Del Rey Covers British Vogue for March Issue


Love her or hate her, the sultry pop singer seems to be everywhere.

Hey, aren't pop stars supposed to be controversial? Madonna in her heyday (and possibly this weekend), Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Mary J. Blige -- these are not women the media can put in a box.

Well, Lana Del Rey is definitely not definable. Her album topped iTunes charts in 14 countries and her sculpted face is turning up everywhere, but when she performed live on Saturday Night Live a few weeks back, she got slammed for a shoddy not-professional level performance.

VIDEO: Did Lana Del Rey Redeem Herself With 'Letterman' Performance?

Then, just as the backlash was in full bloom, Del Rey went on Letterman this week and gave a much improved performance. Headlines read "Lana Del Rey Redeems Herself." Well, how bout this? She's on the cover of March British Vogue, wearing Louis Vuitton. In the fashion and media communities, this is a very big deal.

March is the second biggest issue of a magazine's year, thanks to spring advertising. And fashion people don't care about a good voice. They're much more interested in good lips. And good sales.

Vulture recently wrote of Del Rey's origins as Lizzy Grant (who had much thinner lips). It's clear she's a bit pre-fab, and it seems even Lana herself thinks so.

“I thought I looked beautiful and sang fine,” she recently told Rolling Stone of her SNL performance. Interesting which aspect of herself she put first. Let's face it, she's not the next Adele. But she might be the next Rihanna -- a pretty face, who can sing well enough.