Controversy Stirs in Russia Over 'Bad Moms' Ad Campaign

BAD MOMS -Still 1- Martha Stewart -H 2016
Courtesy of Michele K. Short/ STX Productions, LLC.

Ad agencies declined to place the movie's billboards because of sexual implications in the slogan.

Controversy has stirred in Russia over an ad campaign for the movie Bad Moms, as St. Petersburg ad agencies declined to place billboards for the movie because of alleged sexual implications.

The agencies were apparently turned off by the advertising slogan "Do you want some Kunis?", noticing similarities between the lead actress' last name and the Russian term for "cunnilingus."

Volga, the movie's Russian distributor, declined to comment.

Meanwhile, St. Petersburg legislator Vitaly Milonov, known for his highly conservative attitudes, praised the ad agencies for "saving the city's pride."

"We couldn't care less about the distributor's interests and opinion," he was quoted as saying by the online newspaper "St. Petersburg is the cultural capital, and you shouldn't bring all kinds of trash here."

Meanwhile, a major Russian TV station also reportedly declined to air a commercial for Bad Moms in daytime due to "sexual content."

According to, the channel was worried about a shot in which Kunis' character is stroking a bare male torso.

Bad Moms was released in Russia on September 1.