'Conversations' trailing off for Eisner

Ex-Disney chief will quit his CNBC show

NEW YORK -- A second familiar face in CNBC's primetime is leaving the air.

Former Disney chief Michael Eisner is taking leave of "Conversations With Michael Eisner," which has been airing about once a month since March 2006. But this isn't CNBC's choice. Eisner's other business interests, Tornante Co., make it harder for him to work as much as he'd like on "Conversations."

"He decided he didn't have the time to give 'Eisner' his full attention," a CNBC spokesman said.

It apparently wasn't a situation like "Donny Deutsch," which the network put on hiatus a few weeks ago."

The program was never a great ratings success for CNBC, averaging about 100,000 viewers per original episode. Eisner, however, was able to bring star power to the interview show with a lot of top names. His most recent was with Houston megachurch pastor Joel Osteen.

Eisner's Tornante includes Web sharer Veoh, Topps and the development of "Prom Queen" on the Web and a Nickelodeon series.

The shutting down of "Conversations With Michael Eisner" won't happen immediately. CNBC has as many as three episodes yet to air that will last until March. The staff that works on "Conversations" will remain at CNBC for other projects, the network said.