Cookie Jar hires vp Canadian development

Was most recently head of development at Studio B

TORONTO -- Canadian producer Cookie Jar Entertainment has tapped former Jetix Europe and Walt Disney exec Jillianne Reinseth to develop new shows for Canuck networks.

Most recently head of development at Vancouver-based Studio B Prods., Reinseth as Cookie Jar's new vp of Canadian development will aim to greenlight Canadian programming under the producers' primetime label, the Jar.

The hire was made by Burbank-based Tom Mazza, executive vp and head of worldwide TV, who was brought in last year to broaden Cookie Jar's programming into U.S. network series and syndicated fare after the Toronto-based producer acquired the global brand management group DIC Entertainment for $83 million in 2008.

Cookie Jar, best known for its animated kids series, is looking to develop series with Canadian talent that can be made north of the border -- with U.S. and other international partners -- or to produce U.S.-originated series that can be sold internationally.

That strategy follows an emerging Canadian TV business model where domestic networks facing hard times increasingly greenlight local shows made with Americans or other international partners, financing and talent. Reinseth's previous executive stints include working as a development and senior producer for Jetix Europe and Chorion PLC, and before that in the Walt Disney Group's creative affairs department.