'Too Many Cooks' Creator Reveals 6 Sources of Inspiration

Too Many Cooks - H 2014
Courtesy of Comedy Central

Too Many Cooks - H 2014

From David Lynch movies to a live-action re-creation of a 'Garfield' strip, here's what informed Chris "Casper" Kelly's insane viral video

By now you likely live under a rock if you haven't at least heard of "Too Many Cooks," the insane parody of 1980s sitcom openings that went viral after Adult Swim put it up on YouTube. (And if you haven't, here's your chance to get educated. See you 11 life-changing minutes from now.) The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Chris "Casper" Kelly, the Atlanta-based filmmaker behind "Cooks," to learn more about how the project came together and what's next for his careerWe also asked him to compile a list of inspirations for "Too Many Cooks," which we've reprinted below.

Chris "Casper" Kelly's 6 Inspirations for "Too Many Cooks"

1. Everything David Lynch does

This is so expected I almost didn't put it on the list. Yes, he is dark but he also always has a heart that is always breaking and it is his own. Google "last scene of last episode of Twin Peaks." 'Nuff Said. Also Charlie Kaufman, Stanley Kubrick, Beyond the Black Rainbow, [short story authors] George Saunders and Donald Barthelme. Listen to myself, I am a pretentious asshole.

2. Tim and Eric

You've heard of the banality of evil? They explore the evil of banality. If you haven't heard of them just Google, "It's Not Jackie Chan." If you have heard of them watch their new show, Bedtime Stories. As a suburban dad myself I've always been too scared to say hi to them at parties.

3. Adult Swim late night

The Heart She Holler, Off the Air, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies, Mr. Pickles, my show Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell (obligatory plug) and others I forget as I'm rushing to write this. Also watch the documentary I Think We're Alone Now about Tiffany fandom and then watch Hot Package.

4. Lasagna Cat

Fatal Farm has done their own credits parodies, an incredible RoboCop parody, and great commercials. But I always come back to Lasagna Cat — the "Eyes Without a Face" one. It's that combo of banality and sadness that gets me! They haven't done a show or a movie and I can only guess that means they don't want one yet.

5. The entire world of older sitcoms

Sure I mock them, but another part of my brain loves them unironically. Maybe that's what "irony" is, anyway — loving something you also hate. Otherwise you simply hate it.

6. Bonus palate cleanser 

Mike Leigh movies. Another Year, Happy Go Lucky. The whole back catalog. It's the opposite of all I mentioned above. It isn't stylized. It's very natural and human and I love it. Palate cleanser!

Thank you all! It's been nice talking to you for this short window before I'm in the dustbin with the California Raisins!