'Too Many Cooks': See the Insane Viral Video Hollywood Is Buzzing About

Too Many Cooks Still - H 2014
Courtesy of Adult Swim

Too Many Cooks Still - H 2014

From Adult Swim director Casper Kelly, it's an 11-minute title sequence from the weirdest sitcom ever

It's an 11-minute hallucinogenic odyssey that Looper (and future Star Wars) director Rian Johnson has declared worthy of being "in the Oscar running for best short." And since the people at Adult Swim have made it available online -- it debuted inauspiciously last month during a 4 a.m. programming block -- Too Many Cooks has blazed a trail across the Internet to become a must-see among in-the-know Hollywood creatives.

What is it? That's a little hard to describe. From the demented mind of Casper Kelly, co-creator of other out-there Adult Swim titles like Stroker and Hoop and Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, it begins as a near-perfect simulacrum of a title sequence from a 1990s sitcom, replete with a theme song as corny as it is catchy. After a few minutes pass, introducing us to what feels like well over a dozen characters, the joke emerges: this family has way too many cooks!

But with each passing shot, this channel-hopping smoothie gets stranger and stranger still, as a machete-wielding maniac stalks characters across genres like cheesy '80s sci-fi, G.I. Joe-style animation and a Dallas-style nighttime soap. (Watch closely for a cameo from Nymphomaniac director Lars Von Trier "as Pie.")