Coolspotters links celebs, their products

New site launches in beta

Coolspotters, a new Web site that presents what products celebrities are using, launched Wednesday in beta with Pepsi signed on as the exclusive launch sponsor.

The site,, has pages for products, celebrities, brands, TV shows and movies and connects them to actors, athletes, business icons, musicians and politicians.

For example, Jessica Alba's page features links to pictures of the actress wearing Timberland shoes or using a Sidekick 3. Pepsi's page has links to YouTube clips of Pepsi commercials featuring celebrities and candid photos of Lindsay Lohan and Alba with the soft drink.

In addition, the site has pages for cars, pets, organizations, places and events that all connect back to celebrities.

The destination also has community features in which users can create profiles that link to their favorite celebrities and products.

Coolspotters is the first product from Fanzter, a privately held Connecticut-based new-media development company that was founded last year. Aaron LaBerge, the former senior vp technology and product development at ESPN, is the company's co-founder and CEO.