Copyright Alliance issues open letter

Asks Obama, Biden to protect artist rights

NEW YORK -- The Copyright Alliance and its grassroots network of creators are circulating among creators a letter that asks President Obama and Vice President Biden to pursue policies supporting the rights of artists.

Within a few days of circulation among the Alliance's grassroots network, the letter has garnered nearly 7,000 electronic signatures, including from self-identified filmmakers, animators and cinematographers, they said.

"Artists and creators make important contributions not only to our society and culture, but also to our economy," said Lucinda Dugger, the Alliance's director of outreach. "Increasingly, creators are finding their work misappropriated, reproduced and distributed without their knowledge, consent or benefit by those who believe intellectual property should be free for the taking."

In 2007, copyright industries in the U.S. contributed $1.52 trillion to the nation's GDP, according to the Alliance.
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