Corey Feldman: Steven Spielberg, Cast, Director Want to Do 'Goonies' Sequel

Courtesy 1985 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

“I would do it if [the studio] was serious, but unfortunately they can’t seem to get it together,” the actor tells THR.

Is there ever going to be another Goonies film?

Corey Feldman, who starred in the 1985 cult movie that was distributed by Warner Bros., tells The Hollywood Reporter that everyone, including Goonies writer Steven Spielberg, co-star Sean Astin and director Richard Donner, wants to reunite for a sequel. “I would do it if [the studio] was serious, but unfortunately they can’t seem to get it together,” he says.

“We all like to see it happen, but it’s one of those stumbling blocks where no matter how much love there is ...,” Feldman tells THR at the Grayson’s Gift benefit in Santa Monica’s Hotel Casa Del Mar on Thursday. “The No. 1 question that’s always been asked of me for the last 20 years is, ‘Will there be a sequel to Goonies?,’ and unfortunately my answer is always the same. It’s not up to me, you know, it’s the studio.”

“They treasure this film, as you know. It is literally their greatest family film title of all time. That’s the way they see it. It’s always on the top 25, all DVD sales around the world all the time,” he says. “If we go and throw a sequel out there that’s lesser [in quality,] then suddenly we may hurt this continuous cash cow.”

Even though a sequel is in the very, very distant future (Feldman makes a point to say that he would never be a part of a Goonies remake), he discusses the real prospects of it going to stage, which has been widely reported.

“They are talking about doing a Broadway musical and I know Richard Donner is really behind that,” Feldman says. “He’s a dear friend of mine and we talk about it quite often and he said that they finally got a great script in which he’s very excited about.”

Would he willing to be a part of that project then? “If they did it, I would be open to doing something. I mean, I don’t think I could play Mouth at this point in the game, I’m a little old to be playing a kid,” he says. “But I would be open to maybe the Fratelli brothers or something. If they offered it, I would definitely be open to it.”