Corey Haim's Mother Breaks Silence on Son's Death

Judy Haim revealed that she thought the actor was "merely sick" the day he died "in my arms."

Corey Haim's mother is speaking out about her son's death for the first time.

Judy Haim appeared on ABC's Good Morning America on Thursday morning to talk about the day her actor son died, March 10 of last year.

The night before he died, the two played a game of Frisbee together -- a regular pastime of theirs. It was during the game that he said he first started feeling sick.

"Usually we play close to an hour, and we played for about 30 seconds, and he says, 'You know what mom? I'm not feeling well, let's go back,' so I thought he was coming down with something."

She said he had with a fever the next morning, and she was taking care of him.

"It wasn't anything at all that I would have worried about," she said, saying she thought he simply had a cold or the flu.

When he died, it was "in my arms," Haim said.

Immediately after his death, there was speculation that drugs were the cause -- the actor had battled an addiction for years -- but the autopsy report said the cause of death of a pulmonary edema.

"I know the struggles of Hollywood. He was doing fine, he was fully booked from his agent ... for 2010, he was doing amazing, he was merely sick that day," Haim said. "He died in my arms, I knew it was nothing else, but I didn't know exactly what it was. I had to wait for the coroner's report and the autopsy and all of that stuff. And there were a lot of speculations the following day, for sure, which really upset me badly."

Haim was battling breast cancer at the time of her death, and he was taking care of her.

"He was awesome," she said, adding that he also was "really scared."

She also said there was "absolutely not" anything she would have done differently as a parent.

Watch the interview below.