Vidshadow is neither an investor in nor a producer of the independent film "No Place Like Home." The movie, which stars Danny DeVito and Katey Sagal, is produced by Capacity Pictures, Home Llc., Wayne Rice and Richard Heller. Vidshadow was simply given limited permission to seek product placement deals, all of which were subject to Home Llc.'s express approval. To the extent that any product placement deals were approved by Home, there was no compensation or any equity interest in the film to be paid to Vidshadow or its CEO Jordan Hudgens. Vidshadow was not granted any right to distribute any trailers or other footage from the movie until after principal photography was completed. Information in a story published Aug. 10 was incorrect. As a result of published reports based on inaccurate information supplied by Vidshadow, Home and Capacity Pictures have terminated their agreement with Vidshadow (HR 8/10).