Cory Monteith Death: Police Conclude Investigation Into 'Accidental Overdose'

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Cory Monteith

“It was pretty clear that there was no struggle, no evidence of foul play, and that there was evidence in the room ... consistent with drug use,” a police spokesman told reporters late Tuesday.

VANCOUVER -- Vancouver police have concluded their probe into the death of Cory Monteith, now that the B.C. Coroner Services has determined the Glee star died of a heroin and alcohol cocktail consumed when he was alone.

"From the police perspective, the investigation has been concluded," since the cause of death was established as an accidental overdose, Vancouver police constable Brian Montague told reporters in Vancouver late Tuesday.

Vancouver police will also not pursue whoever supplied Monteith with heroin during his stay in the city that led up to his lifeless body being discovered by cleaning staff at the Fairmount Pacific Rim hotel on Sunday.

At the same time, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada's federal police force, could take over any criminal investigation into Monteith's death, given the presence of illegal drugs in the case.

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Also released from any further questioning are the three companions -- one man and two women -- who accompanied the Hollywood celebrity when he went bar-hopping in Vancouver on Friday night. 

Montague refused to disclose what the attending police and coroners’ staff found in the 21st-floor hotel room where the Hollywood star was found dead, aside from indicating drugs were found.

"It was pretty clear that there was no struggle, no evidence of foul play, and that there was evidence in the room that was consistent with drug use," he commented.

The immediate suspicion at the scene by investigators was of a drug overdose, which led to the expedited autopsy and toxicology testing leading up to Tuesday’s ruling on a cause of death.

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"There's absolutely nothing at this point … to suggest this is anything other than the most sad and tragic accident," B.C. Coroner's Service spokeswoman Barb McLintock said earlier on Tuesday in a video posted on YouTube.

The police investigation included taking statements from the three companions, whose identities were not disclosed.

The police probe concluded that Monteith returned to his room at The Fairmount early Saturday morning around 2:15 a.m. and died alone, leaving any continuing investigation into his death to be completed by the local coroners office.