Cory Monteith: Vancouver Coroner Completes Autopsy

Cory Monteith - P - January 2013
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Initial results could come Tuesday, but toxicology tests may delay a ruling on cause of death for the "Glee" star, who was found in a luxury hotel room Saturday.

TORONTO – The initial autopsy into the death of Canadian actor Cory Monteith has been completed in Vancouver.

“It was done today, and that included taking samples for toxicology,” B.C. Coroner Services spokeswoman Barb McLintock told The Hollywood Reporter late Monday afternoon.

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McLintock said the results of the initial autopsy should be available Tuesday.

If they prove inconclusive, additional tests may be required at the provincial lab to establish the cause of death for Monteith, whose body was discovered Saturday in a Vancouver hotel room. He was 31.

McLintock added that Monteith’s family will be the first to receive news of the initial autopsy results.

“We don’t want them reading stuff in the newspaper or on websites first,” she insisted.

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Vancouver police quickly ruled out foul play as a possible cause of the Hollywood celebrity's sudden death.

McLintock did not speculate on whether a drug overdose may have caused Monteith’s death, as has been suggested in media reports.

But precisely because the death was unexpected, and remains unexplained, the coroner’s office was called into to launch an investigation.

McLintock added the autopsy and toxicology testing has been fast-tracked, given the global media attention that surrounds Monteith's death.

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It also remains an open question whether the coroner’s office or the Vancouver police will eventually release the results of the autopsy.