Cory Monteith's Death: Police Issue Toxic Heroin Alert

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Cory Monteith

UPDATE: As Vancouver authorities raise the alarm on a dangerously potent grade of the drug in circulation, the B.C. Coroner insisted fentanyl was not found in the "Glee" star's toxicology results.

VANCOUVER – A day after local coroners concluded a heroin and alcohol overdose killed Glee star Cory Monteith, police in suburban Vancouver have raised the alarm on a "toxic grade" of the drug in circulation. 

Police in Abbotsford, located east of Vancouver, said they had detected the presence of fentanyl -- a synthetic opioid analgesic -- in recent supplies of heroin. Fentanyl, when added to heroin, greatly increases the potency of the drug.

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"The Abbotsford police department has observed a concerning increase in the numbers of heroin overdoses in the community," the force said in a statement. "Our frontline officers have spoken with many individuals who have reported being concerned about the potency of heroin that is currently being bought, sold and used."

But that warning was quickly followed by the British Columbia Coroner's Service confirming that no trace of the fentanyl detected by the Abbotsford police in local heroin samples was found in Monteith's toxicology results following an autopsy on Monday.

The Glee star was found dead in his Vancouver hotel room on Sunday afternoon. The Vancouver police on Tuesday said it would not pursue whomever sold Monteith his heroin supply since he died while he was alone.

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The Abbotsford police department has sent out a sample of the fentanyl-laced heroin for testing, but did not wait for the results to be returned before issuing a warning.

Vancouver, as a port city, is notorious for being an international entry point for drug smugglers, especially those bringing in heroin from Southeast Asia.