The Costumes of 'Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life'

A new French film, opening August 31, highlights three of the singer/songwriter/actor's famous love affairs.

In the fashion world, there can never be enough references to the  nineteen sixties and seventies. In fact, for fall 2011, Burberry, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs and many more lines paid homage to London’s swinging sixties’ looks: flared skirts, peacoats, military jackets, newsboy caps.
But a new French film, Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life, which opens in the States on August 31, does sixties and seventies styles via the looks of three different European female stars: singer Juliette Greco, Brigitte Bardot and actress/singer Jane Birkin.
These three women were all the lovers of famed French singer/songwriter/actor Serge Gainsbourg, who isn’t so well known in the States – but who was a huge French star who died in 1991 in his sixties. Gainsbourg was flamboyant, seductive, scandalous – and dressed in fabulously cut suits with wide lapels of the time period flattering his willowly frame.
He’s played by French actor Eric Elmosnino, who won a Cesar for his portrayal. Juliette Greco, with her black bobbed hair and bangs, is played by former Chanel model Anna Mouglalis – she wears long bohemian robes and red lipstick with that severe helmut-style hair. Lucy Gordon portrays Jane Birkin, who was famous in France in the sixties/seventies for her long hair and bangs, tiny mini dresses and boots – and for being the stylish muse that Hermes named the famed Birkin bag for. Supermodel Laetitia Casta embodies Bardot, wearing tight shorts, high boots, furs, floppy hats, ink black eyeliner – and her blonder than blonde hair. This is a movie that fashion designers will fall in love with and borrow from, no doubt. And that fashion lovers will flock to.