There Could Be a Sherlock Ride Coming to New BBC Theme Park


At the end of the second season, Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) faked his own death in "The Reichenbach Fall." A new teaser released in November touting the British series' return focused on the social-media frenzy surrounding the realization that Sherlock was alive after all, causing the socially inept detective to explain himself to the masses.

BBC Worldwide strikes a deal with a property developer for a new theme park

Ready for a Moriarty roller coaster? A Benedict Cumberbatch-filled Sherlock ride? BBC Worldwide has signed a development agreement with London Resort Company Holdings to allow its shows and characters to be a part of a new theme park and holiday resort in the U.K., reports The Guardian.

The theme park, to be built in north Kent, will be backed by Paramount Pictures and is scheduled to open around Easter 2020. The specific shows and characters that will be made into "rides, interactive simulators and experiences" have not been selected yet, but given the popularity of Sherlock and Doctor Who, it's probably safe to assume these two shows would be incorporated somehow.

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Suggestion? Put a giant Benedict Cumberbatch statue in the middle of the park and watch the fans flock to buy tickets.