Could He Sue to Return?

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Since Charlie Sheen went public with his desire to return immediately to Two and a Half Men, speculation has centered on when the CBS hit will go back into production. “Charlie wants to come back; the crew’s itching to come back,” a Men source says. “It feels to me like we’re getting a little closer to determining a return date.” CBS and Warner Bros. Television have been trying to express concern for Sheen’s well-being without appearing to enable bad behavior by allowing him to return to work. But the financial stakes couldn’t be higher. That was clear when the show was put on hiatus, as CBS Corp. CEO Leslie Moonves personally accompanied Warners honcho Bruce Rosenblum to Sheen’s house to convey the decision. Insiders claim Sheen was apologetic at that time. If so, he is now taking a more adversarial posture. Some even wonder whether he can exert legal pressure to return to work. “If he’s not interfering with the show — which is a big if — then they’ve potentially breached the contract if they’re not allowing him to perform,” litigator Michael Plonsker says.