'The Counselor' Clip: Cameron Diaz Is Dangerous

Cameron Diaz The Counselor Screengrab - H 2013

Cameron Diaz The Counselor Screengrab - H 2013

The actress tells Javier Bardem "truth has no temperature" in a new look at the Ridley Scott film.

A gold-toothed Cameron Diaz (Malkina) is cold-blooded in a new clip for The Counselor. At least, according to Javier Bardem's character Reiner.

In the clip, Malkina tells Reiner that he reminds her of someone she used to know, who is now dead. When Reiner assumes she misses this dead mystery man, Malkina says that's not true.

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"To miss something is to hope that it will come back. But it's not coming back," Malkina says.

"You don't think that's a bit cold?" Reiner asks.

"I think truth has no temperature," she responds.

The film, from director Ridley Scott and writer Cormac McCarthy, also stars Michael Fassbender as a lawyer who gets caught up in the drug trade. The film, being distributed by 20th Century Fox, hits theaters Oct. 25.