'The Counselor's' Michael Fassbender, John Leguizamo on Cormac McCarthy's First Screenplay

Michael Fassbender The Counselor NY Screening - P 2013
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Michael Fassbender The Counselor NY Screening - P 2013

The actors also talked to THR about working with talented directors and co-stars, including "Breaking Bad" alum Dean Norris.

Although Cormac McCarthy's work has served as the basis for film versions of No Country for Old Men and The Road, The Counselor marks the celebrated author's first time writing directly for the big screen.

But star Michael Fassbender said that although McCarthy's script was different, his storytelling skill was still there. "[I was] just riveted by it," the actor told The Hollywood Reporter at a Cinema Society- and Emporio Armani-hosted screening of The Counselor in Manhattan on Wednesday night.  "It was unusual that it was so dialogue-heavy, especially in the industry these days, and just the way he unraveled material, the information, how much he gave to the reader and how much he held back. I thought it was exquisitely done."

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Fellow cast member John Leguizamo agreed, saying of the script: "Oh, it was beautiful. It was different than other scripts in that it was very character-oriented so it let the characters lead the story and it had language that was very choice…very juicy."

The film marks Fassbender's latest collaboration with director Ridley Scott after their work together Prometheus. The actor, who's also re-teamed with Steve McQueen multiple times including in the upcoming 12 Years a Slave, said he'd be happy to have another opportunity to work with any of the directors he's worked with before, including David Cronenberg and Quentin Tarantino.

"I'd be open to working with any of them again," he said. "I just feel privileged that I'm listing off all of those people, so yeah."

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For Leguizamo, he was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to work with Scott, but he soon found another talented star on set to admire.

Most of Leguizamo's scenes are with Breaking Bad alum Dean Norris, but he wasn't familiar with the show before he started working on the movie, he told THR.

"I'm going, 'Who's this f---ing great actor?' I'm like, 'What do you do man? I've never seen you before.' He's like, 'I'm in this show called Breaking Bad.' I was like, 'What's that? He was like, 'Oh, it's a TV show'…But later on I watched it because I was so impressed by him, and I was in awe. I was glad I hadn't seen it because then I would've been like star struck."

Leguizamo said he's up to season five of the show but hasn't watched the last episodes, which just finished airing on AMC, claiming he likes to be able to watch them in a series.