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Indie Spirits: Cheap Thrills
To the true indie nominees, the Spirits represent more than just a dream realized. More
Exclusive Video: Oscar Roundtables
From Clint Eastwood and Ron Howard to Mickey Rourke and Hugh Jackman, THR gathered together luminaries from the worlds of acting, directing, writing, producing and composing to talk about their work on some of the year's most acclaimed films. More
Eyeing a 'Slumdog' upset
Is there a scenario in which "Slumdog Millionaire" won't win best picture? Sure, all signs point to a big Bollywood finish at this year's Oscar show, but upsets do happen. More
Will Rourke pin Pitt and Penn?
Brad Pitt has the role of a lifetime in "Benjamin Button." But can he compete with Sean Penn and Mickey Rourke? In the supporting actor category, it looks like Heath Ledger's race to lose. More
The scribe stuff
How does "WALL-E" stack up against the other original screenplay nominees, and is "Slumdog Millionaire" a foregone conclusion in the adapted race? More
Wide-open actress races
There are no obvious front-runners and only the most tenuous of favorites in this year's Oscar actress races. So who will win and why? More
All About the 'Benjamin'
"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button's" decades-long development story is as unusual as its subject matter. More
Penn Station
A writer's passion for the story of assassinated politico Harvey Milk helped lure Sean Penn and make "Milk" a reality. More
Getting 'Frost' Bite
Ron Howard and Peter Morgan freeze a moment in time with "Frost/Nixon." More
'Slumdog Millionaire' shoot was rags to riches
For Danny Boyle and his cast and crew, lensing in Mumbai was nothing compared to getting a U.S. release. More
'Reader' between the lines
Stephen Daldry responds to the suggestion that his latest film, "The Reader," might endorse illegal sexual activities. More
Tony, Oscar have something in common
"Doubt" is the only property to have brought Tony and Academy Award nominations to those who played the four principal roles. More
Sorting the shorts
Standouts for the short-film category include "Presto," from longtime Pixar animator Doug Sweetland, and in the live-action field Elizabeth Marre and Olivier Pont's "Manon on the Asphalt." More
Roth found little story in 'Button' short story
Before adapting F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story, Eric Roth did his homework about the writer and learned from his biographer that the story had been written somewhat to make some money, rather than a creative endeavor. More
Oscar noms make Globes an early winner
The Golden Globe noms have a tremendous impact on Academy members because they come out when the Oscar crowd's just starting to think about what films they need to see in order to make their own nominations. More
A 'Dark' day for fanboys
To one demographic in particular, the emergence of "The Dark Knight" as an awards season contender sparked the hope that the Academy's preferences were finally coming into alignment with their own tastes. More
Oscar win can be a one-act play
An Oscar, it turns out, offers few direct benefits to a star's career. In many cases, in fact, a win is followed by a lull. More
A no-win for foreign
Pity the foreign-language committee of the Academy. No group works as hard watching so many difficult films. And yet no group takes as much grief for its choices. More
Can 'Slumdog' be stopped?
The best director nominees face a formidable foe in Danny Boyle's "Slumdog Millionaire." More
A true original?
The original/adapted question