Country Singer Canaan Smith on 'Bronco' Album: Wants Fans to "Feel a Gamut of Emotions," "Be Heartbroken" (Exclusive Video)

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Canaan Smith

Smith says he hopes the 11-song album makes fans "feel like they're on top of the world."

Country singer Canaan Smith released his 11-song debut album, Bronco, June 23 and wants fans "to feel a gamut of emotions" and be "heartbroken" when listening.

"I wanted Bronco as an album to be cohesive, [to] tell a story, to be true to who I am and take the listener through a journey," Smith said in a Hollywood Reporter exclusive video. "From start to finish, I want them to feel a gamut of emotions. I want them to be heartbroken and I want them to be rejuvenated and feel like they're on top of the world."

The "Love You Like That" singer tells fans in the video that he was the clown of the family, complete with facial expressions, impersonations and "being an idiot" as a child.

"I'm a little bit oil and water. The water has an honesty to it," Smith self-described himself. "My upbringing was sort of founded in faith and truth. But the oil side of me is, I'm a hothead when I need to be. I'm pretty hot-headed and stubborn."

When asked where he wants to be in the next five years, the country singer said he strives to be true to three individuals: "honest to myself, honest to my wife [and] honest to God. That's the kind of man I want to be."

Canaan revealed the album is full of ups and downs, mystery and danger, but hopes fans "feel a tearing at their core when they think about loss and life when it takes a turn for the ugly."

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Watch the full video below.