Courteney Cox Plays 'Friends' Trivia With Jimmy Kimmel's Superfan Relative

"I don't remember even being on the show. I have such a bad memory," Cox said before playing the game on Wednesday's episode of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Courteney Cox will always be there for Friends fans.

During Wednesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the ABC host quizzed Cox on Friends trivia. She competed against Kimmel's cousin's son Anthony, who "is crazy for the show."

Before introducing the segment, the actress, who appeared via video with Kimmel (both still at home because of the novel coronavirus pandemic) admitted that she is terrible when it comes to trivia about the beloved show. "I don't remember even being on the show. I have such a bad memory," she said. "I remember obviously loving everyone there and having fun, and I remember certain times in my life that I was there, but I don't remember episodes."

She shared that she plans to take advantage of her time spent at home while social distancing. "People love the show so much. I decided to binge-watch Friends," said Cox. "I just started season one. It's really good."

Anthony soon called in and was surprised to see that he would be competing against Cox in the game centered around her Friends character, Monica. "This is like the greatest moment of my life," said Anthony.

Kimmel kicked off the game by asking Cox and Anthony to name Monica's parents' names. Anthony correctly answered Jack and Judy. Cox said that she knew the answer, though she would have said the actors' names, Elliott Gould and Christina Pickles.

The host next asked who Monica's first kiss was. Anthony won the second round when he correctly answered Monica's brother, Ross (David Schwimmer). Cox responded, "Ross was my first kiss?"

"According to Ross, Monica couldn't tell time until she was what age?" asked Kimmel. Cox guessed 22, while Anthony said she was 11. The correct answer was 13, so Kimmel gave the point to Anthony.

Kimmel asked who peed on Monica's leg when she was stung by a jellyfish. Anthony correctly said it was Chandler (Matthew Perry), while Cox responded, "I may have said Matt LeBlanc. I may have said Joey." She added, "I like that episode a lot."

The following question was who officiated Monica and Chandler's wedding, which Anthony correctly said was Joey. "He was late, right? I think he was late and he ran in," said Cox.

Anthony won the game after getting every answer right. "A fair thing to do would be just pick some item out of your house and send it to Anthony," Kimmel told Cox. She said that she "absolutely will," though joked that her Clorox wipes were off limits.

Watch the full game below.