Courteney Cox Quizzes 'Friends' Superfan Charlie Puth

Cox returns to her 'Friends' roots in this exclusive trivia game with superfan (and chart-topping musician) Puth.

Charlie Puth, best known in Hollywood for his Wiz Khalifa collaboration on the Furious 7 theme song "See You Again," is also a self-proclaimed Friends superfan. He brought his Friends trivia skills to the test for the second episode of Billboard's newest series Quizzed, where chart-topping artists test their knowledge of their favorite TV series alongside a star of the series.

Courteney Cox turned up to test Puth, who said to Cox, "It's so funny, the way that you speak, you hit the same pitch that Monica does." He said Monica's classic line "I know" is a "C sharp to a D."

"This is why I'm socially awkward, because all my life I've heard people speak to me and there's music notes," Puth said. "There's music notes all over your face right now."

For three rounds of trivia (true or false, general knowledge and quotes) Puth answered challenging trivia only true Friends fans know. For his prize, Cox awarded him with the actual Geller Cup, which Puth took with tears in his eyes. 

Puth also performs Phoebe's "Smelly Cat" and The Rembrandts' theme, "I'll Be There for You."

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