Courtney Love Heads Evil Female Army in New Fall Out Boy Video

Courtney Love

The latest clip from the band's "Save Rock and Roll" album finds the Hole singer causing mayhem (so what else is new?).

Courtney Love is playing the role meant for her in “Rat a Tat,” the new video from Fall Out Boy’s album Save Rock and Roll. As a hammer-wielding, bullhorn-blasting leader of an evil army of women bent on destruction, Love is featured in the ninth of 11 videos the band has created around the new album. Together, they comprise a mini-movie dubbed Young Blood Chronicles, featuring Big Sean, Foxes and Tommy Lee, among others, in a story leader Pete Wentz says will explain “how [we] ended up in the back of 2 Chainz’ van.”

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In the violence-saturated video, Love plays a totalitarian leader who leads her troops against the guys in Fall Out Boy, who try to ward off the anarchic rebellion.

Wentz told MTV News: "In some ways, we were inspired by Daft Punk's Electroma film, not literally inspired by it, but more the idea of the deceit within each of us that we have to uncover in the search for who we truly are."'

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The band began releasing a series of videos to VEVO and YouTube, one every two to three months, starting in February, 2013, before the album’s April 12 debut, that tells a completely different, darker story than the disc itself. Two members of the group have already died in the clips, as the grisly story climaxes with the last three chapters.

The band kick off their summer tour with Paramore June 19 in Hartford, CT.