Courtney Love Announces New 'Never the Bride' Clothing Line (Poll)

Courtney Love Halloween - P 2012

Courtney Love Halloween - P 2012

The rocker has culled vintage pieces from her closet to illustrate her new collection, which will not be available on Net-a-Porter.

Courtney Love has been called many things. Too many to list here. But you may soon be able to call her "fashion designer."

The singer has revealed that she's developing a line of clothing called Never the Bride. What, you’re not excited?

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Well, some people are. Like her fans. But not Net-a-Porter, which has responded to Love’s Pinterest post about the global fashion website carrying her line soon with a firm denial.

The erstwhile rock star has posted several photos of the fashion line on her Twitter, culled from a photo spread she's doing for Contributor magazine. A pretty young girl named Chloe Norgaard models the reworked vintage pieces and in some photos, sports orange, green and pink hair.

Love first talked about her Never the Bride concept in December. And she has pulled from her own fashion archives (read: her own dark closet) for a rock star fashion feel with Edwardian and Victorian touches. She also explains that she adds a ruby that says ‘c--t’ on it in the hem of every dress. Tres Courtney. 

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She told Huffington Post that "This is the stuff that I would wear if I was young enough to not look like Bette Davis in Whatever Happened After Baby Jane."

So we gotta ask: Would you wear Love's clothing designs? We have to admit they would make great Halloween outfits.