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Issue 53 Cover 2010
Andrew Southam/Icon International

New stars are emerging as Hollywood's top talent. And Chris Pine is heading the pack.

FULL COVER STORY: Hollywood's A-List Redefined


THR’s second weekly edition, fronted by 'Unstoppable’s' Chris Pine, analyzes how Hollywood is re-defining its A-list actors.

Unstoppable star Chris Pine graces the cover of the second weekly edition of The Hollywood Reporter, on stands Wednesday.

Pine is just one of a handful of hot, young Hollywood lights on which the industry is banking to replace the vaunted old guard of box office stars.

Between now and summer 2012, audiences will see Pine, along with a small group of young actors, pushing -- and being pushed -- into blockbuster star-making terrain.

"We need these kids desperately," one studio producer tells THR. "And there happens to be a crop of five or six of them that are actually filling the role."

And clearly the new status has its bonuses. As Pine tells THR, "To have just a bit more power to say yes and no is very appealing and intoxicating."

The new issue breaks down the hot new A-list, featuring research from the global research company Penn Shoen Berland, showing which emerging stars young moviegoers want to see.

Other stories in the issue include:

*A rare interview with producer Scott Rudin, where he opens up about his temper, reputation and next plans.

*Surprising research that shows what Republicans watch versus Democrats on TV, their favorite cable networks and why its essential shows have right-wing support to become a hit.  

*The Writers Roundtable, which includes The Hangover 2's Todd Phillips discussing firing Mel Gibson.

*The next installment in our Anatomy of a Contender series, featuring the making of Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan.

*A report on the behind-the-scenes drama involved in the filming of director Steve Antin’s Burlesque.