Crackle NewFront: Seinfeld's 'Comedians in Cars' Re-Upped; 'Joe Dirt' Sequel Announced

Jerry Seinfeld

"Mayor Bloomberg going with zip up neck sweater to fight Sandy. Shows preparedness. Windy: zip it up. Storm over: back down."

The David Spade starrer is said to be the first digital movie sequel to a hit motion picture.

Sony's Crackle has announced the return of Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee for a second season that will feature Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman, David Letterman, Don Rickles and others.

Additionally, at an upfront-style presentation before ad buyers in New York, the digital entertainment network says it will be making its first foray into feature-length digital movies with a martial arts film entitled Extraction starring Danny Glover and Jon Foo as well as a sequel to the 2001 film, Joe Dirt, starring David Spade.

Crackle is one of the last of leading digital companies to be presenting before ad buyers at an IAB-sponsored week of presentations called "NewFronts." The upstart is stressing its commitment to original programming.

"NewFront stands for 'new frontier,' said Seinfeld. "Please keep your mind open, keep your heart open, and keep your wallet open."

Besides Comedians, Crackle is bringing back new seasons of the action series Chosen and The Bannen Way, a comedy about a charming con-man who wants to turn his life around.

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Among the new series announced are Cleaners, which will star David Arquette and Missi Pyle, both of whom appeared at the NewFront at the Classic Car Club in Manhattan. The show also stars Emmanuelle Chriqui, Emily Osment and Gina Gershon and is described as being a crime/action series about two women working an errand for a boss who turns out to be a team of highly trained and lethal contract killers. The job goes bad.

Crackle will also be showcasing Play It Forward, a series featuring spontaneous street performances by superstar artists around the U.S. to raise support for music education in public schools. It is produced by Robert Downey Jr., Tony Berg, Kevin Lake and Susan Downey.

As for Joe Dirt, the film where Spade plays a mullet-clad redneck was distributed by Sony in 2001 and grossed about $27 million in domestic box office gross. The new film also to star Spade is said to pick up where the last one left off. Crackle is touting that this "will break new ground" as the first digital full-length movie that's a sequel to a theatrical film.

"Crackle is for the new living room," Eric Berger, executive vice president of digital networks at Sony Pictures Television and GM of Crackle. "It's programmed, it's everywhere and its easily accessible. We're not a content aggregator but a programmer much like a cable network."

Berger said that last year, Crackle had 20 hours of original programming. Commenting about the new lineup, he added, "This year we will be doing twice as much. It's all green-lit and guaranteed to move forward."

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