Craig Ferguson on Anthrax Scare: 'It Was a Very Scary Situation' (Video)


After the mysterious package with white powder arrived at his L.A office, he says, "My first concern, of course, was for my staff."

Craig Ferguson made jokes on the Late Late Show Tuesday about the mysterious white powder that was sent to his L.A. office at CBS TV Studios earlier that day.

"It's a frightening day here at the studio," he said. "Today someone sent here an envelope packed with white powder. I said, 'I'll test it for you if you want.' I have a special test that I conducted between 1979 and 1992."
"It was a very scary situation. It was really frightening. My first concern, of course, was for my staff. And by staff I mean penis," he added.

The Associated Press reported that two of Ferguson's staffers came into contact with the white powder, which was thought to be anthrax, but was later discovered to be harmless.

"In the old days, if someone sent me white powder, I'd have said, 'Yeah!' I'd have snorted it, ended up at a party at Elton John's house, or rehab, or both. But nowadays, white powder in the mail is bad. I called CBS security, and they said, 'We're busy.' I said, 'I am a personal friend of Drew Carey's.' And they said, 'Send someone over right away.' "

He added, "This is the most attention this show has gotten since ... this is the most attention this show has gotten."

The white powder arrived just days after it was revealed David Letterman -- who also airs on CBS -- was named a jihadist target after making jokes earlier this summer about al Queda.

Both shows are produced by Letterman's company Worldwide Pants.