Craig Ferguson to Host New YouTube Show Sponsored by a Fashion Label

Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

'Couple Thinkers' features the former 'Late, Late Show' host and his wife asking guests like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Arianna Huffington life's bigger questions — while wearing Gant clothing.

Gant is going the way of fashion brands like Opening Ceremony and Ann Taylor as a retailer that is creating #content where the clothes play second fiddle to the story. 

The preppy American label, founded in 1927, is launching a new YouTube series called Couple Thinkers starring former host of CBS' Late, Late Show Craig Ferguson, and his wife, Megan Ferguson, a former art dealer. The six-episode series will premiere Oct. 9 on the brand's channel.

Surprisingly, the premise of the show is nothing like you would expect from a clothing brand that once described its aesthetic as Ivy League (no wealthy East Coast dynasty drama here, unfortunately). Rather, the unscripted series features the Fergusons traveling the world to seek out the answers to "topics they've always wondered about but never had the chance to explore" — think big-picture subjects like, “When do we need to leave this planet?” to “Can we stop aging." You know, the light stuff.

To gain a better understanding of these topics, the Fergusons spoke with experts like Kimbal Musk, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Arianna Huffington for interviews and discussions — all while outfitted in Gant clothing, of course. 

"The show gives Megan and me the unique opportunity to go straight to the experts in any particular topic we were curious or, let’s be honest, arguing about," said Ferguson in a release. "Something I would imagine most couples would be grateful for." 

Added global marketing director Eleonore Sall, “We created this show with young curious professionals in mind — a group that is well-informed, open-minded and tech savvy." With print media continuing its downward plummet, and digital ads proving less effective than their glossy counterparts, a flashy, funny show that's got a bit of an intellectual edge could just be the new way to earn respect from a millennial consumer. 

Couple Thinkers was produced in collaboration with Zodiak Factory & Mastiff, part of the Banijay Group.

Watch the trailer below.